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By signing I understand and consent to the following:

• I have NOT been diagnosed with or have been in close contact with anyone infected

by COVID-19 in the past 2 weeks, nor have I shown any symptoms or come in close

contact with anyone exhibiting the symptoms aligned with COVID-19 in the past 2


• If I begin to show symptoms of Covid-19 within 2 weeks of participating in this event, I

will notify the instructors immediately.

• I have been informed of the CDC Guidelines for participating in a social, outdoor

activity such as this, and understand that it is in my best interest to follow such

guidelines. Should I choose not to do so, I take full responsibility and in any

consequences that result in my decisions.

• I will follow protocols (distancing, sanitizing) in an effort to keep myself, and the others

around me healthy and I understand it is my choice to wear a mask during this activity.

• I have been given medical clearance to participate in high impact aerobic exercise by

my physician if I have any conditions that limit my physical activity. If I have not been

given the appropriate clearance and chose to participate, the licensed Zumba®

instructors, mentioned above, is not responsible for any incident that occurs as a result.

• I understand that I may briefly appear in photographs and/or videos of this event and

that may be used in various forms of advertising on behalf of the instructors, with my

consent for their use.

• I understand that there will be a continuous movement for 60 minutes and it is my

responsibility to stay hydrated and safe during the duration of this event. If at any time I feel lightheaded, dizzy, or any other abnormal symptoms, I will remove myself from the activity and seek medical attention immediately.

• Licensed Zumba® instructor Jasmine Colon is NOT responsible for any accidents,

injuries, or illnesses that occur as a result of my participation in this group exercise

event. I, therefore, waive my right to sue the above-named persons and ZumbaⓇ

Fitness from any and all claims including negligence, resulting in any accidents, injuries,

or illnesses I may suffer from participation in this activity, and thus, relinquish all

involved organizers (Jasmine Colon and ZumbaⓇ Fitness) from ALL liability.

Please complete the following.

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